Resources for anti-stigma interventions in a time of pandemic

One tragic outcome of the COVID-19 crisis has been an increase in anti-Asian-American rhetoric and harassment, particularly among those in the college environment. As medievalists, we are aware of the long history of such scapegoating, and the damage it causes to individuals and communities. Recently, through the excellent and ongoing work of the Medievalist of Color organization, medievalists have been made aware of the harm such rhetoric continues to inflict.

As teachers, learners, and members of the global community, we have the opportunity to address anti-Asian-American rhetoric organically, in a spirit of truth-seeking and tolerance. With these goals and in mind, we list here some resources to spark discussion among students and alert instructors to the hardships their students may be experiencing or perpetrating, whether unknowingly or thoughtlessly.

Please feel free to contact us about this effort, a very small way to contribute to ongoing efforts towards greater mutual understanding.

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