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TinaBawdenpdfs on early med manuscript studies (Carolingian, insular, Old English, introductory)Early Medieval, High Medieval, Late MedievalNorthern Europe, MediterraneanArt History, Manuscript
AlisaBeerInformation on manuscript and textile historyLate MedievalNorthern
CarrieBenestranslated sources, Zotero bibliographies on particular subjects (Francis of Assisi, Black Death, medieval Italy)High Medieval, Late MedievalMediterraneanHistory, Manuscript
JamesBennpdfs of books and articles on medieval China; Late Antique, Early Medieval, High Medieval, Late MedievalCentral Asia, Asia, ChinaLiterature, History, Theology/Religious Studiesbennjam@mcmaster.capdfs of books and articles on medieval China;
DainyBernsteinHigh Medieval, Late Medieval, Modern MedievalismNorthern
LucasBerriniLIbrarian with research interests in Iberian history and wider interest in manuscript studies. Willing to assist with research and articles as needed. Open access primary sources, Open access secondary sourcesEarly Medieval, High Medieval, Late Medieval, Modern Medievalism Northern Europe, Mediterranean Literature, History, Manuscript Studies, Information Science
Erica Buchbergerlater medieval Italian politics, later medieval economy, PDFs on Late Antiquity and Early Middle Ages, online lessons that work once I create someLate Antique, Early MedievalNorthern Europe,
LauraCleaverWhatever they needHigh Medieval, Modern MedievalismNorthern EuropeHistory, Art History, Manuscript
NaamaCohen-HanegbiHistory of medicine, body, emotions secondary sourcesLate
EmanueleConteOpen access sources and secondary literatureLate Antique, Early Medieval, High Medieval, Late Medieval, Modern MedievalismNorthern Europe, MediterraneanHistory, Manuscript Studies,
RebecaCubas-PeñaA blog on history of medicine, manuscript studies, literature and womenLate MedievalLiterature, Manuscript Studies, History of
Lisa FaginDavisprovenance, digitized manuscripts, fragmentologyEarly Medieval, High Medieval, Late MedievalNorthern EuropeArt History, Manuscript Studies, Information
MelodieEichbauerlegal historyEarly Medieval, High Medieval, Late MedievalNorthern
MerleEisenbergPDFs of all Justinianic Plague Research; Primary Sources; Byzantine History MonographsLate Antique, Early MedievalNorthern Europe, Mediterranean, Middle East, North
DanielFrankePDFs (studies and primary sources) on pre-modern military history (c. 500), Germany 11c-13c (c.650), England 13c-15c (c. 1300, including most published calendar volumes); Heraldry (c.100), Hundred Years War (all aspects); Naval 13c-15c (perhaps 100), modern medieval scholarship 18c-20c (c. 250)High Medieval, Late Medieval, Modern MedievalismNorthern Europe, Mediterranean, Eastern
Katherine (Kit)French women/gender/England/material culture/religion/Black DeathLate MedievalNorthern
JessicaGoldbergA variety of pdfs, mostly for 1. Cairo Geniza historical research (books, articles, materials translated into English); 2. Economic history (largely articles); 3. images from the edited 12th century Genoese notarial cartularies--cleaned up to various degrees as text files as well; 4. some legal history (largely articles, but some book chapters as well).Early Medieval, High MedievalMediterranean, Middle East, North
DavidGreen Considerations of the Hundred Years War and British, Irish and French later medieval historyLate MedievalNorthern EuropeLiterature,
John WyattGreenleeMedieval and early modern mapsHigh Medieval, Late MedievalNorthern
MarjorieHarringtonPDFs on Middle English manuscripts, multilingualism and translation, and assorted others, mostly Middle English relatedLate MedievalNorthern EuropeLiterature, Manuscript
Jack HartnellWide collection of images of medieval art, material relating to medicineHigh Medieval, Late MedievalNorthern Europe, MediterraneanArt History, Manuscript
KavehHemmatonline sources for images of Islamic art and architecture, maps, selections of Sufi poetry, translations of important texts related to the Silk RoadHigh Medieval, Late MedievalMiddle East, Central Asia, AsiaLiterature, History, Art History, Theology/Religious
YankoHristovEarly MedievalEastern Europe, Early Medieval
LauraIngallinellaResources on comparative literature, manuscript studies, PDF on medieval literature at large (Italian, English, French, etc)Late MedievalNorthern Europe, MediterraneanLiterature, History, Theology/Religious Studies, Manuscript
RossKarlanAnything dealing with Portugal, Spain, or their early empiresLate MedievalIberiaLiterature, Art
DayannaKnightI have free related coloring and activity page downloads available through my social media presence already.Late Antique, Early MedievalNorthern EuropeLiterature, History, Art History,
KathyKrausePDFs on French medieval literature and culture, both primary and secondary. Course materials on the Renaissance book in France. Course materials on Lyon in the Middle Ages and Renaissance including images, PowerPoints, texts and notes, etc.High Medieval, Late Medieval, Modern Medievalism, Modern medievalism limited to French opera (!)Northern Europe, MediterraneanLiterature, Manuscript
MollyLesterPDFs on Visigothic sources and historyLate Antique, Early MedievalMediterraneanHistory, Theology/Religious
SarahLuginbillI have lots of PDFs of articles on relics, reliquaries, and devotional objects; also articles in German on German lands c.1000-1200. I also have almost full access to lots of online journals for anyone who isn't affiliated with an institution.Early Medieval, High Medieval, Modern MedievalismNorthern EuropeHistory, Art History, Theology/Religious
VickyMcAlistera lot! Teach medieval survey online already, many pdfs early medieval through early modern inc. Crusades, castles, culture contact, daily life, economicHigh Medieval, Late MedievalNorthern EuropeHistory, archaeology,
SaraMcDougalllegal, canon law, marriage and family, women and gender, crimeHigh Medieval, Late MedievalNorthern EuropeLiterature, History, Art History, Theology/Religious Studies,
LeeMordechaipdfs, syllabi, lesson plans, etc.Late Antique, Early Medieval, High MedievalMediterranean, Middle East, Eastern EuropeHistory, Information
KathleenNealManuscript photos from 13th c. royal administrative documents and legal texts in UK National Archives, British Library, and Bodleian library.
I also have a large library of pdfs of material on orality & literacy, and English high and later- medieval royal & administrative history, esp. charters & letters; and on historical thinking and pedagogy.
High Medieval, Late MedievalNorthern
IngridNelsonPDFs of essays/book chapters if I have them; Reference checking in books if I have them. Mostly on medieval English lit.Late MedievalNorthern Europe,
José CarlosSánchez-LópezPDFs on Christian Medieval Philosophy, especially St. Anselm, Aquinas and Francisco Suárez (in English, Spanish and/or French). PDFs on Jew and Muslim Medieval Philosophy (in English, Spanish and/or French).High Medieval, Late Medieval, Modern MedievalismNorthern Europe, MediterraneanTheology/Religious Studies,
AnitaSavoI don't have much of an archive to share yet, but I do have some digitized primary sources related to Iberian literature. I can also recommend David Wacks' Open Iberia/America collection, currently available on Humanities Commons under LLC Medieval Iberian and LLC 16th- and 17th-Century Spanish and Iberian Poetry and Prose.Late Medieval, Modern MedievalismMediterraneanLiterature, Manuscript
YvonneSealeI have lots of pdfs I'm willing to share, mostly focused on 12/13th century monastic reform/northern France/women's history/cartularies, but also some material on medievalism because of courses I teach.High MedievalNorthern
MayaSofier IrishCrusades, medieval violence and military history, Hundred Years' WarHigh Medieval, Late medieval borderlands, crusades, primary sources from a medieval survey course, medieval Iberian, especially Castilian, history (in Spanish and English), medieval Jewish history, antisemitism.
PeterSposatodocuments from the Archivio di Stato di Firenze (budget records, criminal archives, military records), anything and everything I have, just ask!High Medieval, Late
TanyaStabler pdfs on topics related to medieval women, gender, heresy, Capetians, Queens, Medieval Court Culture, medieval universitiesHigh Medieval, Late MedievalNorthern EuropeHistorytstabler@luc.edupdfs on topics related to medieval women, gender, heresy, Capetians, Queens, Medieval Court Culture, medieval universities
JustinStearnsPlague in the Middle East and Iberia, Islamic Intellectual HistoryHigh Medieval, Late MedievalMiddle East, North AfricaHistory, Theology/Religious
KarlSteelliterary theory, animals, posthumanism, chaucer, variety of weird stuffHigh Medieval, Late MedievalNorthern EuropeLiterature, Theology/Religious Studies,
AlanStahlImages and discussions of medieval coins, Renaissance medalLate Antique, Early Medieval, High Medieval, Late MedievalNorthern Europe, Mediterranean, Middle EastHistory, Art History,
JamieTaylorsyllabi, brainstorming...Late Medieval, Modern MedievalismNorthern
SimonThomsonHuge quantity of PDFs of primary and secondary sources, heavily English focus, most scholarly editions and canonical works on literature and language between 1970 and 2010. (I don’t even know what I have - this was a gift from a previous Professor who’d spent 20 years having books OCR scanned.)Early MedievalNorthern EuropeLiterature, History, Philosophy, Manuscript
NoraThorburnLate antique and early medieval medical sources, some Carolingian sources, secondary literature related to bothEarly MedievalNorthern EuropeManuscript Studies,
ElaineTreharnePDFs of sources for Palaeography, Codicology and Archival Studies; training materials for Manuscript Studies; Manuscript Images and Links, PDFs of texts in Old and Middle English, PDFs of various publications.Early Medieval, High MedievalNorthern EuropeLiterature, Manuscript
ChetVan DuzerSecondary literature on maps in PDF, images of mapsLate MedievalNorthern Europe, MediterraneanHistory, Art
SarahWaidlerEarly Medieval, High Medieval, Late Medieval The biggest thing I could use are examples and ideas of how to teach medieval material online. Northern Europe, I specifically work/teach on Celtic history and literature but also medieval England and Scandinavia. Literature, History, Theology/Religious Studies, Manuscript
JohannesWaldschuetzpdfs of books and articles on topics such as, cartularies and charters, historiography, southwest-german medieval history, especially monasteries and towns, textbooksEarly Medieval, High Medieval, Late MedievalNorthern EuropeHistory, Theology/Religious
Michelle C.Wangart history ppts for teaching, pdfs of books and articles for teaching and research, guest/substitute lectures; on the arts of China, Japan, Buddhism, and the silk roadsEarly Medieval, High Medieval, Late MedievalCentral Asia, AsiaArt History, Theology/Religious Studies, Manuscript
DominikWaßenhovenPDF scans, mostly on 10th and 11th century England and Germany, also on kingship and bishopsEarly MedievalNorthern
ValerieWilhitePDFs of Mediterranean Studies, Troubadours, French literature articles or book chaptersHigh MedievalNorthern Europe,
HopeWilliardWhatever would be helpful. PDFs.Late Antique, Early MedievalNorthern Europe, MediterraneanLiterature, History, Information
DianeWolfthalI have PDFs for seminars on history of sexuality, rise of the monetary economy, and multicultural Europe. Also a little Jewish Studies.Late MedievalNorthern Europe, ItalyArt